The Occult World Peace Plan


The Occult World Peace Plan

by Alan Vincent

This insightful and well researched video reveals that the hidden agenda behind the world peace movement is to destroy Christianity and replace it with a new one world religion.

This sinister plot goes all the way back to Hitler and the Third Reich when millions of Jews were slaughtered. Just as Hitler’s occult Third Reich attempted to establish a new world order, create a new breed of super humans, and establish a new mystical religion in place of Christianity, history is about to repeat itself.

At the heart of this hidden agenda is the occult religion of the New Age and the worship of Lucifer.

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World Peace and the New Age of Aquarius

The quest for world peace is based on the fact that humanity finds itself in an ever increasing cycle of conflict, poverty and disunity.  Proponents of the quest for world peace now claim that humanity is evolving into the Age of Aquarius – an age where humanity will transcend mystically into a new age of the brotherhood of man. This cosmic shift apparently ushers in a new world utopia that is blissful and without conflict, while offering prosperity for all.

But this quest is fatally flawed because it disregards the true nature of humanity. The Bible categorically states that the true nature of man is evil. Left to our own devices, man is in a spiritually fallen state and the heart is man is wicked. For those who are skeptical about what I have just said, simply do some research into world history and you will discover that warfare is increasing rather than decreasing.  Without Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, there can be no peace. Yes there may be peace for a while, or the illusion that the world is moving into a new age utopia, but it is a myth (as time will tell).

A time of great tribulation is coming upon the world

According to the book of Revelation, the world will ultimately be plunged into a state of extreme disorder and chaos such as has never been witnessed in all of history. The Bible describes this as the period of the ‘great tribulation’. This dark age of world history will be so intense that God will have to cut it short to avoid the total annihilation of mankind.

The World Peace movement is driven by a hidden agenda

So what is the hidden agenda behind the world peace movement? The destruction of Christianity and the formation of a universal new age antichrist religion. Christianity is progressively being subverted by the Freemasons, secular humanists, proponents of a one world religion, and the Roman Catholic Church. But even the mega churches are in on the act.  I believe the megachurch phenomenon we see in society today is in fact the real Trojan Horse within Christianity. It preaches a broad-road brand of Christianity that applauds the love of self and the love of money. Secular humanism is at the heart of this false gospel that has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof.

Freemasonry, the Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust and the United Nations is at the heart of this deception

The highly occult Theosophical Society founded by Helena Blavatsky, now sees it’s work continued by disciples of deception such as Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust is deeply integrated with the United Nations, and the United Nations now regards it’s peace initiatives as being a “spiritual work”. At the heart of this incredible international deception, is the worship of Lucifer. New age occultists claim that Lucifer is God and that all of humanity is evolving to the point where we can and will all be gods. I describe this concept as ‘spiritual evolution’.

The Occult World Peace Plan video exposes the dark forces at work behind the facade of world peace. Please take time to watch this important video.

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The quest for world peace seems desirable. We all want to live in peace, prosperity and safety. It’s a “no-brainer”!

At first glance people glibly pay lip service to world peace. In the midst if financial, economic and political chaos world wide, peace is the antithesis of chaos and uncertainty.

Some Thought Provoking Questions

I want to provoke some thought on this issue and would like to pose a few questions for you to consider:

1. According to the Bible, human beings are in a fallen state. We are governed by our sinful natures. We are all preoccupied with ourselves and tend to focus on our needs, wants and desires, often to the detriment of others. When humans are confronted with a crisis, we tend to revert to self-preservation. Our base instincts kick in and, given the right combination of adverse circumstances, we are capable of doing things that we would not even imagine in the course of normal life where all our needs, wants and desires are provided for.

Q. What is going to cause human nature to suddenly change so that we all become loving, kind, considerate, or willing to share our resources with others?

History continues to prove how inhumane humans can be to one another, so what is going to cause the nature of humanity to suddenly change?

2. According to the Bible, man is in a state of rebellion against God. This truth becomes self-evident when we consider the tidal wave of filth, perversion, and occultism in the world’s media today. The media is like a mirror – it reflects the true nature and values of our societies and cultures. What I see in the media mirror is a rather disturbing reflection of society. It is perverse, godless, self-centered, immoral and vain. Our democratic post-modern culture promotes the love of self, pride, vanity, and greed.

Q. Based on the reflection we see in the media-mirror today, can we really claim that our society is improving and that we are becoming better people?

3. Daily, our news feeds indoctrinate us with apparently good reasons for going to war. The politicians always claim the moral high ground, and announce that all they do is in the name of long-term peace. The problem with this now jaded argument is that the world has always been at war. This points back to the depravity of human nature and our quest to build a “bigger ant-heap” for ourselves. Because we are so materialistic, and seek to stake our claim in the democratic “gold-rush”, we claim absolution from all evil and secretly further our own selfish agendas. Wars are based on greed, and the lust for power. Any student of history will tell you that the history books show a very different story behind the stories spun in the media and given enough time and hindsight, the lies and deception concealed by the headlines, finally emerges. Proponents of world peace, claim that their aim is to stop warfare and bloodshed, but sadly we have the military-industrial complex and privatized military personnel lurking in the murky waters of covert warfare and psychological operations. The various governments of the world fund these covert operations, once again claiming that there is good reason to do so. Apparently it’s all about a “war on terror” which has now become a perpetual war. The reality is that warfare has become fashionable, and even glamorized; it’s become the new “virtual reality game” that looks the same on any computer or tv screen. Warfare has been elevated to god-like status and there is no end in sight.

Q. In the midst of global conflict and instability, who will be responsible for deciding the rules, ethics, morals, and laws that will usher in peace on the earth?

4. The Bible teaches us about God’s laws. I always find it amazing that those who reject God’s laws (i.e. the Ten Commandments), have  a tendency to invent a cascade of laws for their fellow humans. These legislators claim that they know what is required to resolve the worlds problems and to maintain law and order on the earth. God’s ten commandments suddenly seem very reasonable compared to the flood of legal papers and proceedings that seek to legislate everything on the planet. If it is true that human laws are capable of transforming society in such a way that peace on earth will be the inevitable outcome, why is it that we seem to have an ever-increasing need for more and more laws? According to the Bible, no amount of legislation can change the sinful nature of man. What we need is a spiritual transformation that is only possible through a relationship with the God who created us. The Bible states that the heart of man (i.e. our true nature) is desperately wicked. Left to our own devices we are not as good as we claim to be, and much evil lurks below our superficial smiles and greetings at the office.

Q. If we have rejected God’s laws, what makes us think that our human laws have the power to do what  only God can do?

5. Jesus Christ is described as the Prince of Peace. If we are relying on fallible human beings to transform the troubled world into a heaven on earth, who is capable of such a massive task? Politicians in a conference can hardly agree on the time of day let alone agree on solutions to enormous global challenges. But in their great wisdom they even profess to know how the weather works … I refer of course to global warming of which I shall not say anything further at this time.

Q. Is world peace possible without the Prince of Peace?

6. My last question relates to the calls for a unified one-world religion. It is claimed that much of the global conflict is caused by religious differences, The solution is apparently to simply fuse the different religions together and this problem too will be solved.

Q. Which God will be worshiped in this one-world religion?

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