Luciferian Religion of the New World Order

milan martin luciferian governments of the world

This insightful presentation by Milan Martin is essential viewing for anyone who does not yet understand the mechanics of the New World Order and the Satanic elements of the One World Government prophesied in the Bible.

Milan connects the dots to reveal the Luciferian doctrines that fuel the governments of the world. He explains how the military industrial complex creates wealth as wars are waged all over the world.

Few people realise that Hitler was financed by American industrialists such as Henry Ford and others, and that Germany’s scientists and engineers were relocated to the United States after World War II. They later provided the expertise for NASA and the CIA.

Milan also uncovers the dark doctrine of Social Darwinism (another name for Eugenics), and explains that wars are just one of the methods used by the global elite to control the growth of the world’s populations.

The Luciferian doctrines of the New Age underpin the charters and initiatives of the United Nations which has its roots in Theosophy.

The discussion ultimately leads to some speculation about the Mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelation.  The ultimate secret society, the global banking cabal, will ultimately become the biggest weapon against society as the Satanic captains of commerce wage economic warfare on the unsuspecting masses.

It’s time for every thinking Christian to pay attention and to get serious about their relationship with God and not be seduced by the temporary “glory”, “wealth” and “power” offered by the prince of this world Satan.


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