Nelson Mandela, Ubuntu, 46664, The Knights of Malta

Nelson Mandela, Ubuntu, 46664, The Knights of Malta

Alan Vincent

Nelson Mandela was involved in a conspiracy to bring South Africa into the new age and the New World Order. Ubuntu is a form of spiritual humanism that is part of the global plan to establish a one world “religion” (or rather a new global spirituality or spiritual oneness) that excludes Jesus Christ. At the heart of this new religion is the worship of man. In this video you will see evidence that Nelson Mandela was a Masonic Knight of Malta – a politico-religious order that serves the Vatican. It is also a Masonic order. Behind this hidden agenda are the new age global elite occultists who worship Lucifer the Light Bearer.

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Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation

It is often said that the greatest deception is hidden in plain sight. This is certainly the case with Nelson Mandela. In essence, Mandela was complicit in transitioning South Africa into the New Age and the dawning of a New World Order that deifies men but refuses to worship the only true God Jehovah.

What us Ubuntu?

The term Ubuntu roughly translates to ‘human kindness’ that embraces the concept of being humane towards others. It is used in a philosophical sense that means “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”. In South Africa it refers to a kind of humanistic philosophy, ethic or ideology. It is can be described as a kind of social humanism. Ubuntu asserts that society, not a transcendent being, gives human beings their humanity. In other words, humanity comes from conforming to or being part of the tribe. But when we apply this logic to (for example), Hitler and the Third Reich, we see that the concept does not work in isolation. This is because it implies that humans are inherently good rather than evil, whereas the Bible teaches the opposite. There are countless examples throughout history that prove that critical mass (which we will call ‘society’) provides no guarantee of peace, well being and prosperity. Because man is in a spiritually fallen state, collectively humanity is just as evil by nature as we are individually.

Ubuntu is based on the lie that man can save himself

But the Bible contradicts this wishful thinking. The dilemma of course is that when one denies the existence of God, we have to come up with another way to redeem fallen humanity. This is where secular humanism steps into the picture. When God has been removed from the equation, we are left with the fantasies of men who rely on one another to save the planet from destruction and dissension. But what many do not realize is that secular humanism is tantamount to a religion. Those who quickly deny the existence of God, quickly seek out earthly deities from among themselves. They seek a leader who will lead them into safety and prosperity, all the while determined to not acknowledge their Creator.

“There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.” G.K Chesterton

It is not that these god hating men love religion; it is that they prefer to believe a convenient lie which is the acceptance of anything but the truth.

Nelson Mandela was a Freemason and a Knight of Malta

The Knights of Malta are simply one of the Masonic Degrees and therefore Nelson Mandela was a Freemason. Without going into the details about Freemasonry in this article, it suffices to say that Masonry is the antithesis of Christianity as are all mystery religions that seek to subvert the teachings of the Bible. But the Knights or Malta is also a Catholic Order which serves the Vatican Papacy.

In this picture we see Fra’ Mathew Festing (far right), seated with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. 

Here is the official image from the Order of Malta website on which he is described as the Prince and Grandmaster of the the Order of Malta. Here is a quotation directly from the Order of Malta website:

The Grand Master is elected for life from the Professed Knights by the Council Complete of State. According to the Constitution, as the religious Superior and Sovereign, he must fully dedicate himself to the development of the works of the Order and to set an example of living by Christian principles, to all the members of the Order. He is vested with supreme authorities. Together with the Sovereign Council, the Grand Master issues the legislative measures not covered by the Constitution, promulgates government acts, manages Common Treasure assets, ratifies, international agreements and the summoning of the Chapter General. The States with which the Order has diplomatic relations recognise the Grand Master with the prerogatives, immunities and honours reserved for Heads of State. The title of Most Eminent Highness is bestowed on the Grand Master and the Holy Roman Church confers him the rank of Cardinal. The Grand Master resides at the Order’s seat of government the Magistral Palace in Rome.” 

Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion

Here is a slideshow presentation by Peter Hammond that provides background information to the history of Nelson Mandela. Click on the arrow buttons to move backwards and forwards through the presentation.

Nelson Mandela and the 46664 Campaign

I suggest that you watch this video to get the full story about Nelson Mandela, the Knights of Malta and the 46664 campaign.  This 4664 campaign was branded as a “global campaign for change”.  And that is precisely what it is – a global campaign for change; a transition into the new world order and the age of a new form of spirituality that is based on secular humanism and the adulation of Lucifer. Here is the website of the now departed Nelson Mandela.

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