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the islamic antichrist

The Third Temple will soon be rebuilt in Jerusalem. We discuss Israel’s Seven year Peace Treaty, which will be signed with the Islamic Antichrist (from Turkey). This event ushers in the last seven years of tribulation.

According to Bible prophecy, Jerusalem will be conquered and the Islamic Caliph will set himself up on the Temple Mount and proclaim himself to be the Messiah. The book of Daniel speaks of the abomination of desolation. The abomination spoken of is when the Antichrist claims to be God and receives worship as God in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. The character of Antichrist will be like Antiochus Epiphanes who also declared himself to be the reincarnation of Zeus and demanded worship as God. This false god will rule the world from Jerusalem for a very limited time before Jesus returns. The hosts of heaven will destroy Antichrist and the eternal reign of Jesus Christ will be established. Also more on the Mark of the Beast and its Islamic Connection.

This theory of an Islamic Antichrist and not a European Antichrist seems to have more biblical support and should receive serious consideration.

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