Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian?

Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian?

by Alan Vincent

Protestant reformers have long affirmed that the Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon spoken of in Revelation 17 and 18. By comparing what the Roman Catholic Church teaches against the teachings of the Bible, we can conclude that the Catholic Church is not Christian.

It is a mystery religion that encourages prayers to the dead, the worship of idols and relics, salvation through good works, and praying to Mary as Co-Redeemer with Christ.

The Catholic Church even claims that it grants absolution from original sin at the time an infant is baptised. It asserts that it alone is the only true church, and that salvation can only come through the Catholic Church. Discover why the Popes and Priests are counterfeits of the defunct Levitical Priesthood of the Old Testament.

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What does the Roman Catholic Church Teach?

The Roman Catholic Church is precisely that – The Roman Universal Church. It has it’s roots in the pagan state religion of Rome yet claims that it alone has authority over all Christian churches worldwide. It claims too that salvation can only be found through the Catholic Church.

From Emperor worship to Papal Worship

Roman religion consisted of the worship of many gods (such as in Greek mythology), and the Emperors of Rome were regarded as God-men; allegedly men who had in fact become gods on earth. The concept of Emperor worship eventually evolved into the Papacy and the worship of the Popes as gods. It is claimed that Jesus appointed the Apostle Peter as the first Pope in the New Testament, and all Popes now claim Apostolic authority and Apostolic succession from Peter. Not only do the Popes claim an authority that the Bible does not afford them, but they claim to be infallible and without sin.

The Catholic Church consists of a false system of Priesthood

According to Hebrews chapter 7, we now only have one High Priest – Jesus Christ. God himself brought an end to the model of earthly priests who all came from the tribe of Levi. According to this passage of scripture the order of earthly priests had to be done away with because the law which it upheld did not lead to perfection and salvation (see verse 11). The system of law was set aside by God Himself because it was weak and useless (see verse 18).  It was replaced by a better covenant than the old covenant, and Jesus Himself became the guarantor of the new better covenant and replaced the imperfect earthly priesthood. He alone has the power to forgive sins, and He alone holds the keys over life and death, heaven and hell. Neither the Popes, priests, Mary, nor dead saints have have the power to absolve anyone from sin.

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The Catholic Church promotes a false Salvation

At the core of Catholicism is the belief in Baptismal Regeneration – the belief that one is saved through Baptism alone. In addition, infant baptism is practiced but this practice is found nowhere in the Bible. It also promotes salvation on the basis of good works, and praying for the dead who are allegedly in purgatory making atonement for their sins. Furthermore, it is claimed that the Catholic priests have the power to forgive sins and that Catholics can pray to the saints and to Mary for help and salvation. None of these claims and practices are biblical. In fact, praying to the dead is expressly forbidden in scripture where it is described as necromancy. Communicating with the spirits of the dead is common practice in the occult.

The Catholic Church promotes many false Doctrines

The Roman Catholic church promotes as doctrine what the Bible does not. This includes:

  • Baptismal regeneration (absolution of original sin at the time of baptism)
  • Forgive of sins by the priest through the practice of confession
  • Praying to Mary (a dead person)
  • Praying to Saints (dead people)
  • Purgatory (a place of further refinement en route to heaven)
  • Transubstantiation (the turning of the bread and the wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ) – Catholic Mass.
  • Papal infallibility (immune from error)
  • The Immaculate conception of Mary (conceived without original sin)
  • The Immaculate assumption of Mary (it is said that she was assumed into heaven as Christ was without dying)
  • Mary as co-redeemer alongside Christ
  • Indulgences (giving money to the church on behalf of others to absolve them of sin)

The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon

In the book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18, we see that the Bible identifies the Roman Catholic Church as the Whore of Babylon. It is literally and figuratively the ‘mother’ of all Mystery Religions that defies the most high God, and denies salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Watch this video by Alan Vincent which explains the origins of the Catholic Church, the Papacy, and it’s pagan Roman roots.

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