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Index to PropheticAlert Videos

Here is a complete index of videos created by Alan Vincent of PropheticAlert. Some videos are located on this website, while others are located on PropheticAlert YouTube channels.

  1. A message to Michael & other Christians | Matthew 24 | The End of the Age
  2. A Study on the book of Galatians – Law versus Grace
  3. An Urgent Appeal to those who do now yet know Christ (What you need to know)
  4. Every Christians Has Been Set Free From The Law Of Sin And Death
  5. God’s Coming Judgement on the Two Babylons
  6. God’s Laws or Man’s Laws? Man’s Laws Cannot Make Moral What God Has Declared Immoral
  7. Halloween is for Satanists
  8. Hidden in Plain Sight
  9. Is Christianity Compatible with Judaism?
  10. Is The Illuminati Good or Evil? | The First Testament of the Illuminatiam
  11. Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian
  12. Jesus Said You Must be Born Again to Enter the Kingdom of God
  13. John F Kennedy: Exposing Secret Societies – The Illuminati, Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Zionism
  14. London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy?
  15. Ludicrous Diversion London 7/7 Bombings
  16. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 – What Really Happened?
  17. Malaysian Airlines MH370 – Why has it still not been found?
  18. Masonichip – Children Being Profiled for the Mark of the Beast in the USA and Canada
  19. Muslims Revived from Death After Going to Hell , The Terrible Truth About Islam and Allah
  20. Nelson Mandela, 4664, Ubuntu & the Masonic Knights of Malta Deception
  21. Secret History of the Freemasons
  22. Secret Illuminati Training Video? Illumicorp
  23. Testimonies of Jews Who Found Jesus the Messiah
  24. The Boston Marathon Bombing – True Lies
  25. The Cashless Society and the Mark of the Beast is here now
  26. The First Testament of the Illuminatiam
  27. The Great Deception Behind the Kairos 2017 Ecumenical Movement (Kenneth Copeland & Tony Palmer)
  28. The Middle East Conflict and Bible Prophecy
  29. The Narrow Gate & the Narrow Way | Decisional Evangelism vs Disciples (by Paul Washer)
  30. The Occult Video Gaming Industry
  31. The Occult World Peace Plan
  32. The Problem with God TV
  33. The Satanic Temple Lucifer Display in Florida | Satanism in American Schools
  34. The Spirit of Antichrist at the end of the age
  35. The Tsunami of Mystical Deception in the Church
  36. What is a Freemason? 
  37. Why Contemporary Christianity is Powerless
  38. What is Salvation | God Help Me | Assurance of Salvation | Prayer of Salvation

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