The First Testament of the Illuminatiam

the first testament of the illuminati

The  First  Testament of the

by Alan Vincent

Is the Illuminati good or evil? The Illuminati is now unashamedly recruiting members of the public into it’s Antichrist system of world government and false religion. Behind the facade of world peace, is a hidden occult agenda that promotes the worship of Lucifer.

The First Testament of the Illuminatiam can be regarded as a manifesto for the New World Order that promotes humanistic occult philosophies, and the worship of Lucifer the Light Bearer.

Unwary members of the public are invited to join the club on a voluntary basis. But the time will come when those who don’t come voluntarily, will be compelled to do so.

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Is the Illuminati Good or Evil?

There has been much speculation about the origins of the Illuminati and whether this secret society stands for good or evil. In this video I do not delve into the origins of the Illuminati. Instead I explain the contents of a new website that was recently published by the Illuminati. Their website is designed to recruit the ignorant masses into the worship of Lucifer the light bearer.

The occult world and proponents of the New World Order, openly promote the worship of Lucifer as God. Freemasons too exult Lucifer as the true God. The great deception behind this video is that it promotes Lucifer as God and encourages members of the public to become part of this movement.

But watch this video carefully. During the video (and I’m not going to tell you when), you will see one of the hidden agendas behind the creation of this website, which is to promote the Satanic lie that anyone who believes in God is mentally deranged. Yes you read that correctly – mentally deranged. The stage is being set for the persecution of Christianity and Satan is slowly but surely conditioning the public in advance of what will be the greatest persecution of the saints before Christ returns.

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